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​Perhaps you need some Printed, Digital, or Social Media templates created on a project-by-project or one-off basis instead of a full rebrand or retainer? No problem! Get in touch and we will customize your project.

Custom design request?

We can provide you with a full guide to use and implement yourself. We'll start with a Discovery Call, to get all the answers we need, after which we will provide you with:

​Custom Social Media Guide for your Business

​Check-in Advice + Content Ideation + Market Research + Content Creation Tips + Templates

+ Imagery Examples + Social Media Grid designed for you + Highlight Covers + 1:1 run through of all the above

We see your fearless spirit, and we’ll raise you a courageous and cultivated brand story that brings your vision to life.

​Ready for your design adventure?

We Specialize in Brand Development, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing

Brand Identity

& Development

Visual brand strategy, logo system, colour palette, photography curation, typography, brand guidelines and more.

​Graphic Design
& Illustration

​Menus, signage, business cards, posters, brochures, social media designs, PDFs, packaging, campaigns, gifs, and more.

Social Media &

Email Content

Curated designs & content for Mailchimp, Hubspot,

Instagram, Facebook, Linked In & Google. We create the content for you to manage your own Socials.

Mini Brand Guide

Typical timeline, 2-3 weeks

A branding package filled with the essentials that your business needs. This is for someone who wants the custom experience, but has a smaller budget and only wants the essentials.

  • Discovery Call

  • Primary Logo

  • Favicon / Symbol

  • Colour Palette

  • Typeface

  • Mini Brand Guidelines

  • Final Design Files

Premium Brand Identity

For business owners or start-ups who know how important it is to invest in their brand and a strong visual identity. This package creates a lasting impression that speaks to your audience and contains everything you need to launch your business, social media profile, and beautifully branded website.

​Additional marketing material examples: 250 business cards designed & printed, email footer, fyers, postcards, letterheads, packaging, posters, menus, Instagram post & story template (Canva or Adobe) & more.  

  • Discovery Call

  • Primary logo & logo alternatives

  • Color palette

  • Typeface combination

  • Favicon / Symbol

  • World Cloud

  • Full Brand Guidelines in PDF format

  • Final Design Files

Typical timeline, 4 weeks

Project based & retainer

For projects small to big, or 3-month minimum design retainer.

Retainer Process:

​Retainer clients have priority for project turnaround times over project-based clients.

Once a month, we discuss design needs and upcoming events via video, phone or email. We then share project ideas for the month to support your business and set deadlines.

We set a dedicated project management board for your organisation so you can see in real time what is being worked on. We submit designs for review and gather feedback in this board or via email.

We are currently at capacity and unable to start a retainer. If you are interested in starting with in the future, let us know more about your project and we will see what our availability is.

Social Media Templates & Curated Content

For projects small to big, for Display Ads, Instagram, Reels, Stories, LinkedIn, Facebook, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Youtube & more.

If you don't want to create your content yourself, we are here to help. Hire us to design content that fits your Brand's identity.


Whether it be an advert for an upcoming product launch, an animated graphic for your targeted ads or for more regular content for your brand to post, we've got the experience to curate something unique for your specific project.


Just tell us what you need and leave the rest to us!

Premium Brand Identity & Strategy Guidelines

Typical timeline, 5-6 weeks

This package provides you with the tools to really understand your business, it's visual identity and how to implement them across your entire approach in order to run, and market your business with clarity and confidence.

  • Discovery Call

  • Purpose - Mission - Vision & Tone of Voice

  • Target Audience Research - Your ideal Customer / Client

  • Tagline & Mission Statement

  • Primary Logo, Secondary Logo & Favicon / Symbol

  • Colour Palette & Typeface Combinations

  • Mood Board

  • Branding in Application eg Business Cards, Social Media, Letterhead etc

  • Final Design Files

  • All of the above in a clear Brand Identity & Strategy Guideline, presented as a printed / digital PDF

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