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A new era for Wandering

A new era for Wandering

Kim Leiper

24 January 2024 at 4:00:00 am

You may have noticed some fresh furnishings appearing on our social media pages, and bold new colours on our website. This has been in the works for months, and so it's very exciting to finally offer you a proper glimpse at what we've been up to.

You may be asking, why rebrand in the first place? To summarise.... we're growing up! Therefore, our brand is evolving too.

The logo, colour palette, typeface and more have undergone a comprehensive style evolution, to reflect the advancement of our services and the experience we are now able to offer to our clients.

Our original name & logo (back in 2019), started as a doodle on the back of a boarding pass whilst in our hotel in Copenhagen. The name "WANDERING" was strategically chosen to encapsulate our unique approach to design. The concept behind the name is inspired by our belief that true creativity knows no bounds and that innovative ideas often emerge when one allows their mind to wander freely. The other thing I kept coming back to, was the fact that I wanted to be able to take my work with me... I wanted to create a portable design studio helping other people like me, with a dream of running a successful business.

This is where Wandering design studio was born.

That was back when I was freelancing for a number of different companies but hadn't offered services to clients as a brand specialist. I had never experienced agency life, so how could I run one?

As it has taken years of work to gain industry experience, build contact lists of other professionals I trust to work with, and years of trying, testing and learning.... we want to celebrate this transformation from a solo freelancer to an agency with this new visual identity.

The original dusty pink (chocolate brown and lilac) was a testament to our youth and the busting energy we wanted to bring to our clients. Five years down the road, our delivery, products and level of professionalism has evolved.

From sparkles to sleek.... first impressions count.

When I set out to redesign the brand, I spent a lot of time talking to clients and peers about how we wanted to be perceived. “Professional with personality” came up a few times. We landed on more sleek, more contemporary. This time around, conveying seriousness in our level of experience is paramount, as well as modernising our style, with an edge of sophistication.

Therefore, our brand refresh started with bidding adieu to our beloved pink, the warm, loving mix of chocolates and lilacs that brought us to where we are today.

Color plays a significant role in audience recognition and has a psychological impact on consumers' moods. Therefore, we switched from the soft and warm palette to a striking monochrome, to evoke a sense of clarity and professionalism.

We also gave a bolder treatment in the letter styling, to reinforce stability and trust in a purely visual way.

If you didn’t know before, the sparkle in the g represented the touch of magic we believe we can sprinkle across your brand. This was inspired by a designer called the Brand Fairy - her book "How to style your brand" was the first I ever read when I realised I was OBSESSED with creating businesses identities, and making sure this was spread across all touchpoints within their marketing.

While we still like the concept in terms of what we can produce, we dropped the sparkle for a sleeker look, incorporating a curvaceous leaf into the W, as our company vision has evolved and we are becoming “a design agency - redefined.....”

"WANDERING" is more than just a name; it is a philosophy—a commitment to exploration, innovation, and the endless possibilities that arise when creativity is allowed to roam freely.

At the core of our brand refresh we wanted to convey the following:

1. Care

Care is the heartbeat of our design philosophy. Beyond delivering exceptional results, we foster meaningful client relationships. Every design decision reflects our profound sense of responsibility for the planet, aligning with environmentally conscious businesses to contribute positively to the world.

2. Creativity

We go beyond conventional thinking. We redefine the box, immersing ourselves in your brand to craft thoughtful and meticulous designs across all touchpoints. Our skilled designers explore innovative solutions, infusing each project with a unique and artistic touch that sets your brand apart.

3. Authenticity

To make every customer experience a truly authentic one. We're not here to upsell or mislead. We are not like every other agency.

Are you ready for your design adventure?

Want to work together?

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