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Interview with Perth Business Podcast

Interview with Perth Business Podcast

Kim Leiper

17 January 2024 at 4:00:00 am

How do you feel you've made it as an entrepreneur in your field? If you’re interested in hearing about my career journey - give this episode a listen by The Perth Business podcast, available on Spotify.

We talk all things branding, marketing… and running a small design business!

We chat about how I ended up in Perth, through hockey originally to get to where I am now; running Wandering Design Studio as a Brand Identity & Design specialist.

We also delve deep into how the intended output of a clients brand (based on their goals and target audience) can tailor the design process for brand identity from the very start of a project.

As I mention in the podcast, we are ALWAYS evolving and improving how we do business… so if you’re a small business owner, or a designer marketer entrepreneur like me… I hope you can take something away from this ep. No matter your starting point, it's all up from here!

This episode is all about Graphic Design and how to start and maintain a passion-project-turned-business.

"From branding and logo creation to translating the story of your business through social media, websites and other marketing channels; Kim translates her unique journey right into your earholes. With a vault of "been there, done that" learnings and a to-do list of future growth opportunities, Kim imparts knowledge that's valuable for any creative, particularly designers." Taryn Best, Owner of the Perth Business Podcast.

You'll take away a whole lot from this episode and hopefully feel invigorated and inspired to tackle your own path - and then talk to us about it! If you like me, started your own biz with a fair share of challenges and success stories, let's connect!

Why do you pair up brand story telling creation with design? How closely related are visuals to the strategy of a business?

Your visual story is one of the most important things about your marketing. People SEE your business first, whether that's from a brick and mortar sign on a shop front, to your social media or your website. People can find you on so many different platforms these days. If there's an inconsistent rhythm to what you're putting out there it can become confusing to customers and clients. However, if clients see a really strong brand presence throughout every type of marketing you have, they will feel like they understand and can trust you. This will mean they are more likely to feel they can invest their funds into you.

For example, if you see a really beautiful shop, which a company has obviously invested a lot of time and energy in making sure it is visually appealing, and you decide you want to check out their website and buy online, but their look is totally different on their website, you will naturally lose trust because of the inconsistency of branding.

Millennials these days, they want to be impressed on multiple platforms. Interestingly, millennials prefer to go in store, but how do you get them in store? What channel are you using to bring them in, and once they're in, do you have some kind of interesting experience for them to enjoy when they're there?

Do you have a conversation with your clients as to how they're going to use their brand suite once you've created it?

Absolutely! When we initiate a project with a new client we always start with a comprehensive discovery session that will ultimately dictate our strategic approach. During this session, our primary focus is to pinpoint their target audience and the specific channels where their brand will have most presence. This approach helps us to craft a tailored strategy that seamlessly aligns with their objectives.

The exploration doesn't end with target audience; we make sure to delve into an in-depth analysis of their industry landscape and most importantly, competitors. This crucial step enables us to identify if there are any opportunities, and potential differentiators for our client's brand. By gaining insights into the competitive landscape, we position our clients strategically, ensuring that their brand not only stands from the rest, out but also resonates effectively with their audience.

Whether the client requires a distinctive logo, versatile templates, or impactful digital design elements, our process is geared towards creating a cohesive brand suite that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. It's this meticulous attention to detail and strategic thinking that sets Wandering Design Studio apart in the realm of branding and strategy, ensuring that each client receives a solution that tells their story, is aesthetically pleasing and strategically sound.

"From day one, to year one, to year 10, you need to allow time for growth."

Want to work together?

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