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Lionheart Camp for Kids are a not-for-profit organisation in Western Australia. Their aim? To empower bereaved children and their families navigating their grief journey. They do this through education, peer-support, strength-building and resilience.

At Wandering, our commitment to ethical and sustainable design practices aligns perfectly with the mission of not-for-profits like Lionhearted Camp. This project not only allowed us to support a vital cause but also to fulfill a long-held aspiration of contributing positively to our community.

Lionheart Camp For Kids


Graphic Design, Print Design, Infographics & Canva Templates


Lionheart Camp For Kids



The Project

Designing for Lionheart Camp for Kids new programme, "RAW to ROAR Grief Pathway" has been an incredibly meaningful project.

This tailored 1:1 support program, crafted by Lionhearts dedicated bereavement team, aims to guide families through the challenging journey from the initial raw days of grief to a healthy integration of their loss, into life.

Our job, was to make that possible by designing all their printed and digital marketing material. Adding a new eye catching touch to the style, whilst still keeping it consistent to Lionheart Camp for Kids original branding.

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