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Monica is a qualified naturopath who provides health, dietary and lifestyle advice on many health issues, specialising in gut health, anxiety, stress, and immune support.

Monica’s approach is individualised, holistic, and nurturing, and many of her remedies are derived from nature so her branding needed to reflect that knowledge and care.

The gentle embrace of the leaves symbolise nature’s support in each client’s healing journey. The fresh colour palette illustrates the femininity and nurturing nature of pale pink, freshness and joy to be alive in a young and sprightly lime, a fun eye catching pink, and a professional, modern grey, that stands strong to support each client, wherever they are at, prioritising their health and wellbeing.

Natural Balance Naturopathy


Full Brand Identity plus Mini Brand Guide


Natural Balance Naturopathy



The Project

Wandering was able to provide Natural Balance with a complete brand package ✍️📦

• Primary Logo, Heritage Logo, Symbol
• Colours, Typeface etc
• Mini Brand Guide

We went for a friendly but professional approach, bringing the wisdom of naturopathy into the modern day. The branding manages to look new and exciting while maintaining the symbolisation of Naturopathy's traditional beliefs. Check them out!

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