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Wandering Design Studio was named as such to have meaning to the creator behind it. The idea behind the studio was the product of an independent, creative-minded individual who is passionate about cultivating brands, with an equally burning desire to travel. The outcome; an independent design studio, reaping the benefits of working remotely with other passionate and skilled remote specialists in the design and advertising industry.

​Wandering focuses on providing extraordinary Branding, Design & Marketing solutions to other passionate business owners, with genuine care for the end result. It’s as simple as that!

We Specialize in Brand Development, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing

We see your fearless spirit, and we’ll raise you a courageous and cultivated brand story that brings your vision to life.

​Ready for your design adventure?

Founder and Creative Director

Kim Leiper

​I am a highly motivated designer, with a genuine passion for brand identity, telling a brands story through innovative and distinct design & marketing strategy.”

"With a Bachelor of Graphic Communication & Illustration from Loughborough University, I have worked as a self-employed Brand Consultant for over 5 years, for various clients around the world.

I love seeing ideas come to life. I love developing a visual identity for companies and helping them create and implement content to market themselves.

​Brand Identity & Design Strategy, Project / Retainer Graphic Design, Social Media & Email Marketing

Kim Leiper

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Kim Leiper
Sean Greenall

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Sean Greenall
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